Thermal Fogging & Residual Oiling

Oil sprays are exceptionally safe to humans. They have little effect on wildlife and nontarget insects in the environment. Oil does not contain poison. Instead, the thin film of oil covers the target insect or mite and plugs the spiracles or pores through which it breathes.

Thermal Fogging would produce very tiny particles from the Foggers, such small particles would stay in the air for a for a huge amount of time until they reside on the ground. Such Foggers could also be able to get into out of bounds and hard to reach areas both indoors and outdoors

Barrier treatment

Barrier treatment is usually used for outdoor surfaces and landscape areas where there are mostly wood and herbaceous ornamentals. For example, yards are host to many pest such as rats, mosquitoes ticks fleas, ants, fire ants, cockroaches and leafhoppers.

Residual Flushing


Misting (Water-based bio treatment) is an outdoor residential misting system, which are designed to spray pesticides in a fine mist to kill mosquitoes and other pest in the perimeter.

Site Inspection and Recommendation

Inspections of home and workplace while listening and giving recommendations pertaining to your problem.

Baiting Systems and Poisoning

Baits are environmentally friendly, inexpensive method of pest control. Many baits are less attractive to the insects, however finds it palatable and would consider eating it when encountered. It functions more as a deterrent.

Anti-Termite Soil and Corrective Treatment

Termites feed on wood, tree trunks, roots and dead branches which provides cellulose. They penetrate human habitation through cracks on the walls or through imperfections in the bricks, where they moved in exposed area, they build mud tubes and tunnels.

We aim to create a chemical barrier under the built-up area of your preferred property, when termites encounter this barrier, they would repel away and thus, your property remains intact.

Termite Baiting Station

Termite baiting station is where baits are used to feed the termites, they are placed in infested areas where termites’ numbers are high. Using this technique, we are able to track their existence and activities. Using this technique, we will be able to eradicate the entire colony. Termites baits are environmentally friendly and would create a non-disruptive low hazard environment.

Our bait systems are safe and non-toxics, which our clients don’t need to fear for children and pets nearby, this being said. It can also be safely tucked away.

Stainless Steel – Woven Wire Mesh

Woven wire mesh is placed in between the structures, due to the nature of the mesh, the holes are too small for termites or any pest to enter, at the same time. termites would not be able to chew off the material as stainless steel are too hard for them.

Construction for Building & Private Residential

Termites and pest are always looking for new homes, they could be anywhere and everywhere, their presence might have an impact on foundations of the building as well as fabrics. Constructions sites are a heaven for numerous pests as there are always water as well as debris. Termites can seriously damage as well as destruct building structures.

Stainless Steel Clamp

Physical & Construction Termite Barrier

Physical termite barrier systems in Singapore are one of the most famous forms of termite control in Singapore, comparing anti-termite physical barrier systems to chemical barrier systems, the use of chemical systems is environmentally damaging as well as more expensive in the long run as they need to be reapplied.

Anti-termite physical barrier systems block the termite’s entry and prevents damp soil from clogging up the sides of buildings. Which often attracts termites