We provide residential pest removal services to homes within Singapore, our approach is geared towards making homes safer, healthier and more hygienic. Afterall, a Home is where you return after a long day at work to rest. We would make sure to eradicate all your “unwanted guest” from your homes.

Different pest such as ants, cockroaches, lizards, mosquitoes and termites are a common sight in Singapore houses be it terraced house, bungalow, HDB unit or condo. They could potentially spread different diseases and illnesses; we provide environmentally friendly solutions that are safe to your entire family. Our products could be near children and elderly.


Singapore law states that some industries in Singapore requires your businesses to engage a pest control technician such as the food and beverage industry as well as retail industry regulated by the National Environment Agency as having pest around would make people susceptible to illnesses.


Construction companies at the same time are not being able to handle building works without having the ground and structures treated with anti-termite insecticides, as there are groundwater and debris around the entire construction site. It makes it a heaven for termites.

Termites source their food from materials such as wood, before losing your investment on constructing a building, it is recommended to invest in our pest control services.